The Most Bizarre Delicacies That People Eat From Around The World

by Julian Sonny

Some of us just don't realize how good we have it when it comes to chowing down. Got the munchies? Go to Chipotle and cop a massive burrito (don't forget to steal a hot sauce). Too lazy to get up? Order up some General Tso's chicken with white rice from the Chinese spot through delivery.

At the touch of a dial, and now with just a couple of clicks on Seamless, you can have some hot, delicious food fresh to order in just minutes. But have you ever stopped to actually think how wild it is that $10 can pretty much get you anything you want in the realm of fast food? Now that's a privilege worth fighting for.

However as we all know, it isn't exactly like this in every part of the world. Unfortunately, some of our neighboring nations from across the pond are subjected to not only a lack of choices, but a lack of taste. So what do they do? They make due with what they have. While you have to laud them for their resourcefulness, there is no denying that some of their food is pure trash.

In fact, in some cases, it has gotten so bad that they have concocted some of the most putrid and disgusting dishes that they have even grown to love, passing it down from generation to generation.

Tuna Eyeballs (Japan)

These are commonly eaten throughout China and Japan. The tuna eyes themselves are quite large and are sold by the pound. They are typically served fried and eaten with white rice and soy sauce. To cook, just boil and add any seasoning you please. We prefer Sriracha.

Fried Brain Sandwich (USA)

You read that correctly. This delicacy is made up of sliced calf brain, which is said to be quite tasty. Served on either a roll or hero, you are going to need a whole lot of bread to handle this meat. While this dish has been banned throughout most of the United States, for certain mad cow disease reasons, you can get one in the Ohio River Valley -- the hicks are still whipping these bad boys up there.

Fugu (Japan)

Commonly known as the puffer fish, Fugu is one of the most lethal foods on the list. Filled with the poisonous tetrodotoxin, this can kill a man if ingested improperly. Some chefs are known to actually keep a bit of this poison in the fish to cause a light tingling sensation on the mouth and lip.

Rocky Mountain Oysters (USA)

How much more do you need to dominate a species than by selling its testicles as food? We're talking about every male's pride and lifeline here. Derived from the good old USA (and some parts of Canada), these weren't actually conceptualized in the Rocky Mountains at all. There's no real clear cut definition for this dish either, as you can get anything from cow, pig and even sheep... balls. All up in your mouth. Yum. Down this with heavy sauce to mask the fact that you're eating nuts.

A-Ping (Cambodia)

A street food favorite in Cambodia, these fried tarantulas aren't as bad as they seem. Especially when there's food shortages and your city is infested with the creatures. Then why the hell not chow down on these things? Eat them by hand or on a stick, there is no hiding the fact that you're eating burnt spiders.

Haggis (Scotland)

Our good old Scot friends decided to concoct one of the most vile and vomit-inducing dishes of all time with this one. Served in stomach lining, you are eating some heart, liver and of course those delicious lungs. Boil these for about three hours and douse it in salt if you don't want to yack it everywhere.

Sannakji (Japan)

They say some dishes are best served raw. But this joint is still squirming alive. Sannakji consists of small octopi that are cut into small pieces and served immediately. As in still moving around on your plate. Take a look above. Would you take a bite?

Yak Penis (China)

If you thought eating balls was bad, what about eating a dick? That's exactly what some brave Chinese souls do every time they down a yak penis. Yes, a yak. And yes a penis. Supposedly this is supposed to be very good for the skin. See? Told you ladies!

Goat Head (South Africa)

Sure you can eat the ears. Sure you can eat the brain. But why not eat the entire face of an animal? In South Africa, this is exactly what they do. Poor goats. Their heads are served on a platter, completely charred, but without eyes. Now that's a relief. The craziest part of it all is that these are typically served at the most upscale of restaurants. Now that's strange.

Casu Mazu (Sardinia)

The direct translation of casu marzu is literally "rotten cheese." And they aren't lying. This dish is so nasty that larvae of cheese flies actually grow inside of them. But that doesn't mean it's gone bad. It means it's ripe for the eating. In Sardinia, this is truly a delicacy, as these bugs break down the fat from the milk.

Century Egg (China)

While these eggs aren't actually 100 years old, up to 10 months is enough to formulate one of the worst smells known to man.The egg literally transforms from ripe and thriving to expired and decayed. Whose idea was it to eat this in the first place? Believe it or not, this is a real delicacy in China.

Cod Fish Sperm (Japan)

It doesn't get more bizarre than this. You have a hard time trying to get your girlfriend to swallow your load, so why the hell would you swallow a fish's? In Japan, it is pure luxury to chow down on the gelatin jizz, so you better show some damn respect. Eat it raw or eat it cooked, you're going to have a horrible time either way.

Cuy Bien (Peru)

Sure we've all had Peruvian food before (shout out to Pio Pio), but I don't think any of us remember seeing this on the menu. What appears to be a little fried rodent creature is actually a mainstay for the South American country. This guinea pig is said to taste a lot like rabbit. Another one of our furry friends.

Balut (Philippines)

Balut is hands down the most heart-wrenching dish on this list. This street food snack in the Philippines defies all logic as locals eat this half fertilized chicken embryo out of an egg. And this isn't the only disturbing part to it all. Most people suck out the juices with the straw then crack it open to ingest the little fetus. Where's PETA when you need them?