New Tie-Dye Drinks On Starbucks' Secret Menu Will Guarantee You Insta Likes


Last summer, Starbucks dominated the social media scene with a collection of rainbow concoctions from its secret menu.

These multicolored drinks became such a sensation, it was almost impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing at least one or two of these brightly colored treats.

If you've been craving a bit of color in your life lately but are sick of ordering yet another plain old #PinkDrink, you might want to pay attention.

It turns out Starbuck's secret menu has some new eye-catching sips up its sleeve.

Apparently, there are two new tie-dye drinks on Starbucks' secret menu, combining a whole spectrum of pretty colors into one single cup.

Allow me to introduce you to the insanely photogenic Pink Purple Drink and Matcha Pink Drink.

If you're wondering what the hell these beguiling beverages are, I'm here to fill you in.

The Pink Purple Drink is simply a mixture of the legendary #PinkDrink and the almighty #PurpleDrink.

The Pink Purple Drink is made with one-part Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk and one-part Passion Iced Tea with soy milk, vanilla syrup and blackberries.

The Matcha Pink Drink, on the other hand, is made with three-parts Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk and one-part Matcha Green Tea with coconut milk.

The Instagram account, @nonstopeats, revealed the secret to ordering this two-toned treat.

The Insta post stated,

You have to ask them to mix the matcha and coconut milk together first, add ice and slowly add the traditional pink drink to make this cool ombré affect.

However, the post also warns people these drinks are a pain in the ass to make, so you shouldn't be surprised if your barista looks hella annoyed when you order one of these tie-dye concoctions.

Baristas have been leaving some colorful comments about the new tie-dye drinks on a Reddit thread.

Some are saying you'll have to pay double for one of these bad boys because these secret menu items are technically two drinks in one.


But hey, if you ask me, spending a few extra bucks and losing your barista BFF is a small price to pay for one seriously epic food porn picture for your Instagram, am I right?

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