Starbucks’ Lunch Menu Is Finally Here And It Actually Looks Pretty Good


Starbucks is already our go-to coffee spot for a quick pick-me-up before work, but it looks like we'll be stopping by during our lunch breaks now, too.

Our fav coffee chain started offering a full lunch menu on Tuesday, April 11, and it looks pretty damn delicious.

Of course, we've all eaten Starbucks food before (shout out to the bangin' avocado spread there) -- but this menu is a little different than the normal snacks we're used to purchasing there.

The new food selection is part of the "Mercato Menu," and it consists of a variety of different sandwiches, salads and sides, Chicago Tribune reports.

The new selections are mostly diet-friendly, and include options that are vegetarian, vegan and high-protein.

In other words, you won't have to feel so bad about eating one of its lunch options alongside your favorite sugary latte.


The lunch options are affordable and range from roughly $5 to $9, depending on which dish you choose. Depending on how hungry you are, you can mix 'n match them by purchasing a half-portion instead of full.

Some examples of the tasty dishes found on the Mercato menu include the carrot and kale salad served with almonds and preserved-lemon yogurt, the Cubano sandwich with smoked pork and swiss cheese on flatbread, and the za'atar chicken salad served with lemon tahini.


Of course, those are just a few options available on the healthy menu.

One Instagram user was invited to the Starbucks Mercato Tasting and posted sneak peaks of the new menu last week, and they look pretty delicious.

It's safe to say my summer diet is starting at Starbucks.


OK, so... I guess I should tell you one *tiny* detail about the menu.

Right now, it's only available in Chicago -- but don't get too upset!

Apparently, a press release obtained by Cosmopolitan suggests the new menu will become available nationwide if people enjoy the food.

Let's do this, Chicago. We're counting on you.

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