Someone Leaked Pictures Of Cotton Candy Oreos And They Look Heavenly

Nowadays, it seems like food manufacturers are constantly in a race to crank out the most insane frankenfood creations in the snack scene, and Nabisco is no exception.

First, it answered all of our inner basic bitch prayers with that pumpkin spice Oreo. Then, there was the red velvet flavor, followed by that mouthwatering, special-edition s'mores-flavored cookie.

Well, Nabisco is back at it again, but this time, it's giving the classic cookies a colorful makeover inspired by your favorite carnival treat: cotton candy.

That's right, you no longer have to wait for the state fair to get your hands on a delicious cotton candy-flavored snack.

Now you can have this sweet fluffy treat in the form of a delicious Oreo cookie (sans the sticky fingers and smelly carnival animals).

A mysterious Instagrammer known as CookieOMan leaked some of the photos revealing this limited-edition cotton candy flavor.

By looking at the photos, it appears this awesome new snack will feature pink and blue cotton candy-flavored filling nestled between two crunchy golden vanilla cookies, and it looks absolutely heavenly.

But before you empty your life savings and run to the nearest grocery store to stock up on these bad boys, you're going to have to settle for those other Oreo flavors for a little longer.

While CookieOMan didn't give us a release date with his sneaky snack snapshot, he did include the hashtag #fairtime, so I guess it's safe to assume these things will be hitting shelves toward the beginning of summer.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Oreo's newest flavor endeavor.

Here's proof the Cotton Candy Oreo is real.

And these limited-edition cookies look absolutely delicious.

Pop these vanilla cookies open, and you'll find a swirl of pink and blue cotton candy-flavored goodness.

Now you can have your favorite fair food all year long.

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