Rosé Pineapples Were Just Deemed Safe By FDA

The new trend in food is to make it more Instagramable, with little or no regard to its taste.

You've probably jumped on this bandwagon if you've eaten at the popular Black Tap Burger, a spot in NYC that I can only imagine was struggling to stay open until it came up with an IG-worthy milkshake that people could share online, making the quality of its food irrelevant.

Now, self-proclaimed millennial foodies have flooded the place, waiting in lines that stretch around the block with zero grasp on the fact that they're ingesting more of a gimmick than actual cuisine.

This is all my opinion, by the way. But, my opinion on my opinion is that it is objectively correct.

Even Del Monte is jumping on this social media train.

The food production company's latest invention, a genetically engineered pink pineapple named the "Rosé," recently passed the FDA's evaluation with "no unresolved safety or regulatory questions."

Del Monte itself submitted the Rosé "as safe and nutritious as its conventional counterparts."

Apparently, Del Monte altered the pink pineapples to have more lycopene, the natural pigment from watermelon and tomatoes that make these fruits the pink and red colors that they are.

But, this pink produce has been in development since 2005, so I'm guessing that's how long it took to hide the taste of cancer.

The company also hasn't released any actual photos of the Rosé, though it did say the fruit would be labeled as the "extra sweet pink flesh pineapple."

According to the FDA, a consultation is not synonymous with the organization's approval, but it serves as a guideline for food developers to make sure that foods from new plant varieties comply with the FDA's regulations.

And although this fruit has been deemed safe, I think we all need to pay more attention to what we eat, as the long-term health consequences of consuming GMOs are pretty much unknown.

Look, I don't want to be a downer, but the quality of what we put in our bodies needs to be better than what we post on Instagram.

I love WorldStar, but my body can't live on street fights alone.

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