You Probably Haven't Been Cutting Your Bagel Perfectly This Whole Time


"Bagel" is my absolute favorite food group.

YES, I designated a specific group to one of the most ~irresistible~ foods on this earth.

If you're going to try and fight me on this, it's honestly a moot point.

LIKE REALLY THOUGH… straight BAEgoals going on right here.

Does anything get more perfect than this?

This squad is so undeniably cool I can't even take it.

Breakfast is served...

Actually hardcore salivating rn, BTW. Literally, bae.

Me and bagels — we just get each other. Not going to brag or anything, but we're pretty much two peas in a pod.

Well, up until now.

It was complete news to me this afternoon when I found out I haven't been cutting my bagel to utter perfection THIS ENTIRE TIME.

Um… What the actual F?!

Seriously, we've all been fooled into thinking we've been going about this bagel sitch the right way all along... But NAH.

I feel like I haven't been giving my bagels the utmost appreciation they deserve this whole time.

According to Today, a math professor at New York's Stony Brook University broke out mad geometry skills (just when you thought you were going to be done with math forever) to cut a bagel.

Apparently, this unique way to slice your ~beloved~ bagel makes it way easier to enjoy, linking the two bagel sides together.

Have a look at the video for yourself. It's actually mind-blowing.

The finished product basically looks like a squishy, doughy infinity sign.

That I want to eat.


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