Pizza-Flavored Salad Dressing Is A Thing And Will Make Salads Suck Less

They say nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, but the creator of this dumb phrase clearly never experienced the pure joy of devouring a delicious slice of pizza... or three.

Seriously, who would want to eat a boring bowl full of tasteless lettuce when you can sink your teeth into a mouth-watering slice of pizza piled high with a mountain of gooey melty cheese?

Remember when we showed you those awesome pizza croutons that deliciously ruined the whole point of eating a salad in the first place?

Well, now there's a new pizza-inspired dish that won't destroy your diet and might actually make you want to eat lettuce for once in your life.

Behold, pizza-flavored salad dressing.

Created by Chef Kidd's, this "funagrette" aims to make the experience of eating lettuce suck a little less. Chef Kidd's hopes to encourage kids to eat more salad by making the healthy food more fun.

On Monday, some NPR staff members decided to see what this strange salad dressing was all about. So, they held a little taste-testing session and the verdict on this pizza-flavored dressing is in.

According to NPR's Ian Chillag,

As a salad dressing, it's gross. As a proof of concept for intravenous pizza, it's promising.

Chef Kidd's also rolled out some other interesting flavors, including Honey Berry, Lime Rickey, Cocoa Berry and PB&J vinaigrette flavors, so maybe there's still hope for our salad eating endeavors.

Feast your eyes on pizza-flavored salad dressing.

There is also a selection of other flavors, including Cocoa Berry, Lime Rickey and PB&J.

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