An In-N-Out Pop Up Shop's Line In London Was Bloody Long


If you're not in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Utah or Oregon, there's huge chance you'll never have the pleasure of biting into an In-N-Out burger.

That's precisely why a pop-up shop for the burger chain caused complete pandemonium in London on September 21.

In-N-Out took a trip across the pond to set up shop in Swiss Cottage, London where hundreds of Londoners lined up hoping to snag a double-double cheeseburger, animal-style fries and a milkshake.

*Ridiculously loud noise emits from my stomach* 

Oops, sorry. That's just me being suddenly hungry and in dire need of the fast, casual culinary goodness that is In-N-Out.

It's not hard to tell why folks in London went apesh*t over this pop-up shop.

I lived in New York City for over 10 years and NOT ONCE has In-N-Out even thought about stepping foot in the concrete jungle.

I'm sure London NEVER saw this coming... It sure seems that way.

Here's the advertisement that turned London into one giant, never-ending line of people.


Brave (and hungry) souls lined up in Swiss Cottage, London after an In-N-Out pop-up shop came to town.

Just judging by these tweets, it's obvious that all hell broke loose. Can you blame them?

I mean, this line was longer than any line for Yeezys or cronuts I've ever seen.

It went on forever. Videos couldn't even capture the line in its entirety.

People came from ALL OVER for a chance to have their hunger satisfied the west coast way.

Apparently, the pop-up shop was only open for four whole hours from 11 am to 3 pm.

The craziest part? Some people never got a chance to experience the tastiness for themselves.

Some people didn't even know it was happening.

In-N-Out, huh? Oh, the irony.

There's still hope for Londoners who weren't able to obtain the goods. Why? Well, simply because this isn't the first time In-N-Out visited London. The last time the chain made an appearance across the pond was back in 2012.

Keep your fingers crossed for another visit in the near future, London!

Where will In-N-Out pop up next (hopefully in my kitchen)?

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