This Hash Brown Burger Is The Best Of Breakfast And Lunch In One (Video)

Oh God, yes.

Now that the “All Day Breakfast Burger” exists, I'm never eating anything green ever again.

Put bacon, a sunny-side-up egg and bourbon maple syrup on a cheeseburger, toss it all between two slabs of tater tot bread -- which is a Nobel Peace Prize worthy invention on its own -- and you've got the granddaddy of all breakfast/lunch/dinner sandwiches.

Honestly, why bother eating any food that isn't this?

It's like running on a treadmill. Sure, you're moving your legs a lot, but it's not taking you anywhere.

Your mouth may be chewing, but if it isn't with the purpose of getting this sandwich down your gullet, then you're never going to join Guy in Flavortown.

Sure, each one of these heart grenades probably shaves a few years off your life, but it's clearly worth it.

Matt Hoffman used to say if he left earth without his bones being broken, then he would look at it as a wasted time with his body.

The same standards should apply to your arteries.

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