How To Grow Your Own Prosecco At Home

There's no denying that wine is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

If your nightly routine happens to involve posting up on the couch with your beloved Netflix and a glass of Prosecco, you might want to pay attention.

Christmas is about to get a whole lot more lit because someone just created a gift crate that lets you grow your very own Prosecco.


This is not a drill. For just $50, you can treat yourself with a holiday box that keeps giving you the glorious gift of sparkling wine all year long.

The boozy boxes are made by a company called The Gluttonous Gardener, and each one is filled with grape vines that can thrive in most temperate climates.

If you happen to be a city dweller who doesn't have a yard to plant a Prosecco plant in, don't worry. You can still cultivate these bad boys by growing the grape vines in a pot on a balcony, fire escape or even a windowsill.

The box also includes instructions on how to cultivate your grapes as well as a recipe for sparkling wine, so you won't be left high and dry when it comes time to turn these babies into booze.

While most of the supplies you'll need to make your own wine can be found around the house, there are a few additional things you'll need to purchase such as champagne yeast, a fermentation lock and a demijohn.

Plus, this DIY wine kit even comes with personalized labels for your homegrown booze.


Unfortunately, it will take somewhere between six and 18 months to ferment your grapes into the perfect Prosecco.

However, you can add a few store-bought bottles of bubbly to your DIY wine crate to tide you over until the day comes when you can finally can pop open your Prosecco and drink the fruits of your labor. Cheers!

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