'Game Of Thrones' Is Getting Its Own Wine

If your love for wine runs deeper than the feelings Cersei Lannister has for her brother, you might want to put down the pinot for a minute and pay attention.

A raven has just brought us some pretty amazing news.


It appears the holidays are about to get even better because "Game Of Thrones" is getting its own wine!

I repeat. This is not a drill. The gods have just blessed us with some glorious grapes inspired by our favorite HBO television show.

All I have to say is you might want to send out a warning to your friends, exes and late-night booty calls across The Seven Kingdoms.

Polishing off a bottle of this vino can only mean one thing: Drunk texts are coming.


If you're wondering who you can thank for this divine invention, it turns out Vintage Wine Estates, a California-based winery, is the mastermind behind this Westeros-themed wine.

Vintage Wine Estates will be debuting three "Game Of Thrones" wines: a chardonnay that's fit for a queen, a cabernet sauvignon that deserves a seat on the Iron Throne and a red wine blend that serves as the perfect boozy beverage for your next (red) wedding party.


If you don't happen to have a few fire-breathing dragons you can use to conquer the winery, you'll have to go to the store and shell out somewhere between $19.99 and $39.99 for a bottle just like the rest of us peasants.

But hey, if you ask me, the price seems totally worth it. Everyone knows getting wine-wasted while watching "GoT" really eases the pain of seeing all your favorite characters get killed.


Seriously, all of these wines would make Cersei proud. So whether you go with one bottle, down the whole damn trio or buy enough wine to fill Blackwater Bay, you really can't go wrong with this badass "Game of Thrones" booze.