Jaki Portolese

Graham Crackers Exist Because Our Ancestors Couldn't Control Their Libidos

People seem to be into food porn more than ever these days.

Remember when we told you about that study that revealed young people would choose a bangin' meal over a steamy session in between the sheets?

Well apparently, it hasn't always been that way.

In fact, you might be surprised to know that one of your favorite summertime snacks was actually created to curb people's incessant appetite for sex.

Yep, if you happen to be a big fan of s'mores, you might want to brace yourself because shit is about to get pretty strange.

Great Big Story just created a new video that will give a whole new perspective on your precious graham cracker treats. The video talks about 19th century minister Sylvester Graham, and it reveals how he believed that meat, fatty foods and alcohol led to gluttonous behavior and uncontrollable sexual desire.

As a result of this, Graham set out to find a cure for all the hungry sinners out there by creating a plain, flavorless food to fight off people's overactive sex drive.

Lo and behold, the graham cracker was born.

Since Graham wanted to make these things as bland and boring as missionary, his infamous crackers were made with flour, wheat germ and bran.

That's right, the original recipe didn't include any sugar or sweeteners, so these things probably tasted like bad sex in the form of a cracker.

Nevertheless, people still seemed to be pretty into them, and it didn't take long for these shitty, tasteless treats to gain a cult-like following of people who actually referred to themselves Grahamites.

The graham cracker we all know and love didn't become what it is today until Graham passed away and Nabisco transformed his shitty crackers into a delicious snack by adding sugar and honey to the OG recipe.

If one thing is for sure, Graham would probably turn over in his grave if he knew we were all transforming his invention into a decadent marshmallow and melty chocolate-filled treat.

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