Goodbye Cocaine, You Can Now Actually Snort Chocolate

You thought you heard it all when powdered alcohol was created, but now there's a new snorting trend in town: chocolate. Yup, you can now inhale your favorite guilty pleasure. A confectioner in Antwerp, Belgium, is responsible for this miraculous creation.

The product was bestowed its name, The Chocolate Shooter, by Dominique Persoone, a Belgian chocolatier who also goes by the name The Shock-o-latier. He was given the task to come up with a one of a kind birthday dessert for a member of the Rolling Stones.

Unfortunately, the only place you can get The Chocolate Shooter is at Persoone's The Chocolate Line in Belgium, and it will set you back around $60.

Persoone's shop features a ton of innovative chocolate creations, such as ganaches spiked with cannabis (let me get some of that!) and chocolate in a weird variety of shapes, like disembodied hands.

What else? Chocolate tequila shot glasses that sport salted chocolate rims and, of course, include tequila.

But enough about that -- back to The Shooter. How does it work?

The Shooter looks like a spring-loaded mini-catapult, which is exactly what it is. You load pulverized chocolate into the 'basket' — it’s about the width of a thimble — position it under your nostrils, hit the release, and snort. Hard. The result is a maxed out choco-blitz to the brain as it sprays up your nose.

So, you literally shoot chocolate up your nose with a contraption straight out of a mouse trap... I really hope someone brings this concept to America.

via Thrillist, Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr, Photos Courtesy: Dominique Persoone