Our Favorite Childhood Lunchables Are Back And Twitter Really Can't Get Over It

Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

The clouds have opened up the heavens and dropped our favorite childhood snack upon us. That's right folks, Treatza Pizza Lunchables are making a comeback, like every other amazing '90s trend, and lovers of the decade can't contain their joy. At this point, you're probably wondering where to buy Treatza Pizza Lunchables. Well, you can find them at your local grocery store or at Target for only $2.99.

How awesome is it that the Treatza is back and has such a great price? Each box includes pizza crusts, Kraft mozzarella shreds, and tomato sauce for your savory pizza. Once you've enjoyed the main course, you can make your dessert pizza with the second pizza crust, chocolate frosting, and candy coated chocolate chips.

Then, you can wash your meal down with the Capri Sun Roarin Waters included in each Treatza box. Geez, talk about a blast from the past. These Lunchables remind of a simpler time when I'd beg my parents to get me Treatza boxes instead of a balanced lunch. I wanted to be the coolest girl in the lunchroom.

News of this nostalgic Lunchables is making the Twitterverse go down memory lane too. They can't get over this awesome comeback.

"This used to be my lunch of choice and can be again!!"

"Soooo when is the pizza and treatza coming back?"

"I have a hankerin' for a treatza pizza."

Little did these unsuspecting tweeters know, Lunchables worked tirelessly to bring back one of your childhood favorites in August. So get ready to be transported to fifth grade when your greatest worries were what your mom packed you for lunch, if you could win the spelling bee, and which cartoons you were going to wind down with on Saturday mornings.

IDK about you guys, but I'm going to stock up on Treatza Pizzas right now.