#EEEEEATS: These 25 Photos Prove That Instagramming Your Food Isn't Always A Bad Thing

These days, the most exciting part about eating is Instagramming the meal for the entire world to see.

Whether you're at home about to craft together a Nutella concoction that should be illegal, or you're about to indulge in a mound of filets at your city's finest steakhouse, every food moment is a moment to be shared on Instagram.

The only issue with this is the fact that not everyone knows what looks good when it comes to taking pictures of food.

That shouldn't ruin it for those of us who do have "the eye." Luckily, the creators of the #EEEEEATS hashtag (with five E's), The Infatuation, are here to set the standards.

I mean; that hashtag alone will take you to the culinary mecca of the Internet. That's exactly why you should jump for joy whenever The Infatuation crowns your food photo: "#EEEEEATS approved!"

Check out the 25 photos that prove Instagramming your food isn't a bad thing!

1. Because how else would you know that this thing exists?

2. Or that you could waffle a grilled cheese?

3. And you can find out about places like Plow in San Francisco, which makes a mean breakfast.

4. Extra points if you can work in some pop culture references!

5. Can't get to Amagansett? No problem.

​6. You can get your dog involved.

7. Or your baby.

8. Or the High Holidays.

9. How else will everyone know you're chilling by the pool?

10. Or on vacation?

11. You can show off your #EEEEEATS from across the world.

12. Or at least make sure everyone knows you're about to eat this.

13. Sharing In-N-Out is the right thing to do.

14. Letting people know about this grilled cheese is, too.

15. If you're one of the lucky ones who got one of these, people should know about it.

16. It'll give you something else to do at the ballgame.

17. And make your vacation photos way more interesting.

18. Don't let your friends stop you. They secretly like it.

19. If you're gonna go to all the trouble of making a burger with a lettuce bun, someone should probably see it.

20. Same goes for this 'Murica cake.

21. Someone's gotta show the world how to eat breakfast.

22. Tagging your photos with #EEEEEATS can also help people find the good stuff. Like Texas' best BBQ.

23. Wow.

24. Sometimes you can even show off food that isn't food. Or is it?

25. It might just get you noticed.