Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast Makes You Smarter, According To Best Study Ever

Jovana Rikalo

I happen to have a major sweet tooth.

At times, my chronic dessert cravings are so bad, I'm pretty sure I might be the long lost twin of Cookie Monster trapped inside the body of a petite blonde girl.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I've always been a firm believer in the motto, "Life is short, eat dessert first."

I'm not just talking about sneaking a cookie onto your plate before dinner, either.

I'm talking about shamelessly stuffing your face with sweets first thing in the morning.

Not too long ago, science determined that you could eat chocolate cake for breakfast without feeling the least bit guilty.

If that sweet study made all of your dessert-filled dreams come true, you might want to wipe the chocolate off your face and pay attention.

It turns out adding ice cream to your breakfast lineup may also have some unexpected benefits.

That's right. Japanese researchers just determined that starting your day off with a scoop of ice cream could actually be good for your brain.

All I have to say is, what a time to be alive.

The study, published by Kyorin University professor Yoshihiko Koga, basically found that people who ate ice cream for breakfast were able to process information better and faster than those who skipped out on the scoops.

The findings of the study suggest that eating a scoop of ice cream right after you wake up alters your level of alertness and gives you a "mental boost."

Plus, the researchers also found that indulging in a morning sundae could also reduce "mental irritation."

Apparently, drinking a glass of cold water yields similar results. However, the researchers concluded that ice cream produced the highest amount of mental stimulation.

Now if you would please excuse me, I need to go stock my freezer with a lifetime supply of Ben & Jerry's.

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