There's Now A 'Cooking With Semen' Class And Yes, You Have To Bring Your Own

Thanks to the food-porn revolution, people are constantly trying to create food that gives you all the feels.

However, there's a new type of cooking class that might be taking the term "food porn" a bit too literally: Semen Cooking Class.

I know, the thought of this may be hard to swallow.

But it turns out that sperm, as in the the stuff that comes out of dudes' dicks, is the secret ingredient we've been overlooking all these years.

If you still think this is some sort of perverted joke, I hate to break it to you, but you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Unfortunately, I'm 100 percent dead-ass serious — this is a real thing.

A company called Wonderush currently has a class called "Cooking With Semen" in the works, and it's set to make its debut in London.

If you're ballsy enough to attend this unconventional class, you'll learn how to jazz up your food with — you guessed it — JIZZ.

Participants will be able to use their own semen or borrow from a friend (five teaspoons, to be exact) to make an ejaculation-themed three-course meal, along with a few cocktails, of course!

During the private class, a head chef will show you to how to incorporate some baby batter into a chicken dish, finished off with a jizzy jerk sauce.

Plus, you'll also make a "Victoria Spooge Cake," with a splash of semen-salted caramel, and a "Schlong Island Iced Tea" drink. Yum.

You'll need to come to this class with your secret ingredient already prepared in a jar since, you know, jerking off in the middle of a cooking class is probably frowned upon.

Now, before you jizz your pants from sheer, semen-induced excitement, you should know this BYOS (Bring Your Own Semen) cooking class will only happen if at least 30 people sign up for this unique experience.

If you're down to spice up your snacks with splooge, you can sign up for the class on Wonderush's website.

Just try not to be too cocky when your guests compliment your semen cooking skills at your next BDSM-themed dinner party.

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