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Boozy Pancake Recipes Will Cure All Your Hungover Cravings

It's Sunday morning and your eyelids struggle to creak open past the thick film of crusty makeup that you forgot to take off last night.

You can't seem to decide if you're hungry AF or hungover AF. We all know there's a very thin line between the two.

Thankfully, boozy pancakes are here to help you navigate that precarious line.

Not only are boozy pancakes a real thing, but there are multiple recipes to choose from.

First, there's Baileys Irish Cream pancakes.

Now, I know what you're thinking: This already sounds too fancy and too difficult for your half-drunk ass to accomplish the morning after a night out.

Hear me out, though. You only need ONE BOWL to make these fluffy little pieces of heaven.

Yep. Just one bowl.

And all of the ingredients in the recipe are super basic, so there's no need to cluelessly wander around your local grocery store until a disgruntled employee lies to you about where the coconut oil is.

According to Serious Eats, here's how you make them:

If Baileys isn't really your style, or if you're more into a traditional pancake, you can go ahead and smother yourself and your fluffy pieces of heaven in Jack Daniel's syrup.

Again, a super-simple recipe, as the syrup requires nothing more than a bottle of Jack, some maple syrup and unsalted butter.

I think Ke$ha could definitely get down with these bad boys.

Tablespoon gives you the info you need to know:

Now, if you're not as hungover as you thought were and you're willing to experiment with something a liiiittle more challenging, buttermilk beer pancakes are truly next-level amazing.

The recipe calls for virtually all the same ingredients, but you'll also need beer (obviously), buttermilk or heavy cream, vanilla extract and cream of tartar — whatever that is.

Seriously, my pinky involuntarily raises itself when I even think about the phrase "cream of tartar."

Still, look at it this way: You have the luxury of stuffing your face in the comfort of your own home with any one of these recipes instead of subjecting yourself to the judgmental stares of some douchey waiter.

Drinking In America breaks down the boozy breakfast dish:

No shame in the boozy pancake game, baby. No shame at all.

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