Kristin Hunt

Ben And Jerry's Has An Actual Graveyard For Its Discontinued Flavors (Photos)

Losing your favorite ice cream flavor to the tragedy of discontinuation can be a truly devastating experience.

It was a sad, sad day when I had to say "goodbye" to my beloved bowl of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.

While your days of watching Netflix on the couch with your frozen BFF may be a distant memory, you'll be glad to know the spirit of your long-lost pint  hasn't completely melted away.

In fact, you can still visit your frozen friend and pay your respects to all of Ben and Jerry's discontinued flavors at its very own cemetery, which serves as the final resting place for all of its deceased desserts.

Recently, the ice cream addicts over at Thrillist took a trip up to the Ben and Jerry's graveyard in Waterbury, VT.

The fake cemetery features 30 tombstones that mark the graves of these sweet, spooky spirits, and to be honest, this chilling cemetery looks pretty damn cool.

If you plan on going up there to pay your respects, you might want to bring a box of Kleenex and a snack along with you. Seeing these extinct editions will make you really sad... and hungry.

After Ben and Jerry's discontinues a flavor...

...the dead dessert is buried in an ice cream graveyard.

The sweet cemetery is located near the Ben and Jerry's factory in Waterbury, VT.

It features about 30 stone-cold tombstones that mark the final resting places of those dead pints.

Seeing Chocolate Comfort six feet under sure is chilling.

So long, Devil's Food Chocolate.

These tombstones bring back sweet memories.

You were taken from us too soon, Dastardly Mash.

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