Ben And Jerry's Launches Bob Marley-Inspired Flavor And Stoners Rejoice Worldwide

With marijuana legalization becoming more and more prevalent, we’ve got weed popping up in everything from lollipops to lemonade. Next up: ice cream, courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s.

Just kidding, there’s no ganja in the company’s newest ice cream flavor (yet), but it is inspired by a major 4/20 icon: Bob Marley.

Satisfy My Bowl, a tongue-in-cheek reference to Marley's love for bud, actually consists of a banana base, topped with caramel and cookie swirls and accented with milk chocolate peace signs, a tribute to the late Rastafarian’s peaceful ways.

Ben & Jerry's partnered with the Marley family's nonprofit, 1Love, to create the new flavor. Satisfy My Bowl honors the 30th anniversary of the musician's album, Legend.

Proceeds, which will go to the foundation and to Partners for Youth Empowerment, will help to empower and educate youth in Jamaica.

Now that’s sweet.

Currently, the flavor is only set to launch in the UK, but you can join the petition to bring the new flavor to the US by clicking here.

H/T: Metro, Photo Courtesy: Twitter