8 Gluten-Free Halloween Recipes That Are Way Easier To Make Than You Think

by Julia Guerra

Unfortunately for those who can't eat wheat, there's really nothing scarier on Halloween than a gluten-induced stomach ache. When you suffer from any food intolerance, spooky soirées and trick-or-treats have to be thoroughly researched to ensure consumption won't cause digestive chaos. But there are alternatives and tricks to solve this not-so-sweet situation. Rather than playing roulette with party treats, whip up your own gluten-free Halloween recipes to enjoy and share.

I think it's almost second nature for people to assume that when a friend or loved one even mentions a gluten sensitivity, we feel pressured to prepare some kind of complex meal. The truth is, gluten-free really isn't any more complicated than taking meat or dairy products out of a dish. It's an adjustment, but it doesn't have to be a complicated one.

Another common misconception is that gluten-free goods taste like cardboard. While there are definitely some recipes out there to steer clear of in terms of taste, going gluten-free doesn't mean you hereby commit to eating bland food for life. The following recipes are easy and tasty, to prove gluten-free treats can be hassle-free, with just as much flavor as your full-of-wheat favorites.

1. Candy Apples With A Bit of Bite

Just when you thought candy apples were lacking in the creative department, bloggers bite back.

Fork and Beans blogger and founder Cara created this creepy (and oh so clever) gluten-free treat that's absolutely perfect for Halloween parties and spooking people at the office.

The “apples gone wild” indulgence is full of flavor and easy to whip up on a time constraint. All you'll need are apples, nut butter, strawberries, sunflower seeds, and 20 minutes to spare.

2. Ghosts Without the Grain

Is it just me, or does Halloween get less creepy and more cutesy with age? Not only are these ghost brownies adorably ghoulish, they're also grain-less!

This chocolate treat from Going Grainless blogger Becka is gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, and vegetarian. Key ingredients include almonds, cashews, dates for a natural sugar substitute, cacao powder, and mini chocolate chips for added sweetness.

3. Which Finger Is Witch?

One of my earliest Halloween memories includes going trick or treating, ringing the bell of a white house masked in smoke machine fumes, and having a long, green hand crack open the door to toss a Reese's cup into my plastic pumpkin. I was 5 years old, terrified, but clearly intrigued, seeing as how I remember it 20 years later.

Witch fingers hold a special place in my heart, and this healthy-but-yummy recipe from Heather Crosby is my new favorite take on the holiday treat. A combination of toasted almonds, pumpkin seeds, almond butter, and cocoa ensure this flavorful finger is nothing to be afraid of.

4. A Bewitching Brew

Somewhere between Macbeth and the Sanderson sisters, I lost track of what witches brew actually was. Still, despite its eerie connotation, I'd definitely partake in an indulgence of Healthful Pursuit blogger, nutrition educator, and The Keto Diet Podcast host Leanne's breakfast brew.

Inspired by her mother's breakfast pudding, this green dream is anything but gory. Make it as a celebratory Halloween treat, or prepare it in bulk for costume party guests. The gluten-free, vegan-friendly formula includes dairy-free yogurt, one banana, and green grapes for color and flavor you can't get enough of.

5. Munch On A Mummy (Or Two)

If you're already over candied apples, substitute for another fruit!

These frozen banana mummies from Flo and Grace are fun to make and delicious to eat. The base calls for frozen bananas, and chocolate chips for candy eyes, but you can really freestyle the decorating process to your preference. For example, if you're more into vampires or ghosts than you are mummies, get creative with different candies and juices for color additives! The spooky or cookier, the better.

6. Candy Corn Cakes

Candy corn is the kind of Halloween treat people either really love or really hate. Personally, I'm a fan, so this gluten-free recipe à la The Anti-Wheat Girl is on my to-make list this year. To make these cupcakes, all you'll need is a box of gluten-free yellow cake mix, food coloring, gluten-free icing, and basic baking skills.

Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of gluten-free candy corn available to the masses, but a quick google search should give you a few options. According to the blogger, Wegmans also carries a wheat-free package, so keep an eye out if you suffer from the sensitivity and have a massive craving for this classic snack.

7. Bloody, Chocolatey Candy

OK, I take back that cutesy comment. This gluten-free treat isn't just perfect for Halloween, it's generally just bloody brilliant.

Bianca of the Elephantastic Vegan combined dairy-free chocolate, frozen raspberries, and rice syrup (that's it!) to make these mock not-peanut-butter-but-better cups that are the perfect balance of delicious and healthy.

8. Popped And Caramelized Corn

To ensure those with a gluten-sensitivity can get their sugar fix on Halloween, Meaningful Eats founder and celiac patient Erin shared this mix on her blog.

Popcorn is naturally gluten-free, so there's a plus. To create the caramel topping, have sticks of butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, salt, and baking soda on-hand. It's quick to bake and will have your kitchen smelling ah-mazing.