Have Your Ice Cream And Eat It, Too: 5 Guiltless Frozen Treat Options

Between Mister Softee, sorbets, frozen yogurts, gelato and liquid nitrogen ice cream, choosing the healthiest ice cream option can give you more of a brain freeze than the frozen dessert itself.

But, with these ice cream alternatives, the old saying "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" doesn't even need to cross your mind:

Nice Cream

While scrolling through your Instagram feed, you're more than likely to come across Mason jars (bowls are so 2013) overflowing with silky, creamy looking goodness.

Health lovers and vegans alike have coined the concoction as “nice cream": A gluten free, dairy free and preservative free ice cream alternative.

In the past, health hippies have tried to convince us mashed up bananas and oats cooked in the oven is a "tasty biscuit," but they lied.

But, this healthy swap is surprisingly delightful, and it can be made with as few as two ingredients. It will also leave your outsides and insides smiling.

1. Dice and freeze several bananas overnight.

2. The next day, blend your frozen bananas on high speed until the mixture reaches a smooth and creamy consistency.

3. Add additional toppings or ingredients, or simply devour on the spot.

This method creates a more soft serve consistency, so if you want solid ice cream, then just refreeze the mixture for about an hour of so. It’s a great way to keep and store ripe bananas you won’t use straight away.

Stuck for additions? Try nuts, peanut butter, raw cacao powder, coconut flakes or fresh fruit slices. The options are endless.

100 percent easy, and 100 percent healthy.

Coconut milk ice cream

More popularly known as "CoYo," this coconut milk-based ice cream is a great dairy-free substitute and late-night treat (minus the guilt).

The vegan-friendly option comes in traditional flavors, like chocolate, but it also offers cool flavors, like pineapple, sticky date and tamarind, cherry and chocolate nibs, and acai berry and blueberry.

Ben & Jerry’s

These two men have helped me get through many a crisis. If you’re not interested in a subpar version of ice cream (who can blame you), Ben & Jerry do also offer a healthier frozen alternative.

Their frozen Greek yogurt line promises to be just as delicious as their ice creams, and it comes in flavors like strawberry shortcake or raspberry with fudge pieces.

These single serve tubs also take the hassle out of portioning. You no longer have to deal with a pint that claims to "serve four." Four? You mean all for me?

Skinny Cow

Have your (ice cream) cake and eat it, too. The name is promising and so is the amount of products available in many supermarkets.

From cones and bars to ice cream sandwiches (low-fat ice cream layered between two cookie wafers) in a variety of flavors, you are never stuck for choice.

Protein ice cream

The desire to stay or get fit for bikini season can have many of us bidding a sad farewell to ice cream.

However, protein ice creams are low in sugar but pack a punch in the protein department, with some tubs containing as much protein as a 70-gram chicken breast.

This healthier option contains branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which help to prevent fatigue and improve concentration.

BCAAs also help repair damaged muscles and are said to help build lean muscle. Ice cream that actually helps your body? Yes, please.

While it is healthier than your standard ice cream cone, nutritionists warn it should still be a treat.