This Guy Got Hit By A Flying Motorcycle And It Was Terrifying


Whether you're the one behind the wheel or you're simply witnessing from afar, experiencing a car or motorcycle accident is something you'll never forget - ever.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Addie Wolfville, we're taken along for an exhilarating motorcycle race on a private track. All is going well until one of three bikers gets a bit too close to another causing an absolutely disastrous crash.

After flying off his bike, one biker's motorcycle spins out of control and up into the air before colliding head-on with an oncoming biker about 20 feet behind the crash.

The video's description doesn't reveal whether or not any of the bikers were seriously injured, but we do know that these bikers were riding legally and using a private track rather than street racing like these law-breakers.

Unfortunately, the flying motorcycle in the video appears to be totaled, as well as the other bike involved in the crash.

Check out the footage above for a closer look.

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