Jackass Bikers Attempting To Taunt Police Get Served Some Instant Karma Instead


It's one thing to be accused of something you didn't do, but a whole other thing to start trouble and wonder why things end up taking a bad turn - literally.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Johnny Stunts, we're introduced to a massive group of bikers cruising down an open highway. Everything's going just fine until the bikers knowingly speed passed a sheriff sitting in a Dodge Charger on the side of the road.

As any normal officer would do after spotting a group of bikers racing over the speed limit, the sheriff flicks on his lights and begins tailing them. Instead of pulling over, however, the bikers begin taunting the police officer with a barrage of dangerous stunts and tricks that eventually lead to: (drumroll, please!) INSTANT KARMA with an absolutely gnarly crash.

In less than a week, the video has racked up over 260,000 views.

The video's description reads,

This guy does a wheelie past a cop, the cop chases him. Then the guy crashes into another rider. Crazy! Giving real riders a bad name.


Check out the video above for a closer look!