You'll Never Guess What Flavor Hershey's Kiss Is On Shelves This Season

by Kendall Wood
Getty Images

A Hershey's Kiss is a welcome treat any time of year, but its seasonal and holiday varietals are the most attention-grabbing of the 109-year-old chocolate. If you enjoyed the limited-edition raspberry-flavored Hershey's Kisses of Valentine's Day, there's more where that came from.

For the most candy-enthusiastic day of them all, Easter, Hershey's is rolling out a flavor of its most popular confection that speaks to the season and the history of the holiday: carrot cake.

The seasonal Hershey's Kisses only recently made their debut at Walmart, and the pastel orange color is enticing enough to have us jumping in the car and heading to the nearest location to snag a bag.


According to Consumerist, the carrot cake Kisses are white-chocolate-based, which means they don't quite appeal to the average chocolate lover. Without chocolate liquor or cocoa powder, white chocolate isn't really chocolate at all.

That's right; it's been riding on the coattails of its milk and dark brethren all this time.


We might be able to look past its fakery for a moment, though -- at least until we get our hands on this bite of carrot cake.

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