8 Fitness Gadgets That Will Help You Work Out Smarter, Not Harder

Everyone knows sticking to a healthy lifestyle and staying motivated are by no means easy things to do.

But don't worry. Luckily, we all live in an age where technology aims to make everything in our lives a whole lot easier, even staying in tip-top physical condition.

That's right. CES recently held its annual event in Las Vegas, Nevada, and this year's trade show brought all sorts of workout gadgets and wearables into the spotlight that go way beyond the basic workout watches.

From smart clothes and running kicks that give you feedback on your performance to tech-integrated water bottles and fitness trackers that do it all, there are tons of insanely cool gadgets out there that prove tech is going to rule the future of fitness.

I rounded up some of the best new fitness gadgets to help you achieve your goals because, let's face it, I'm pretty sure we would all rather work out smarter, not harder.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this awesome fitness gear.

If you're trying to improve your running habits, Sensoria's collection of smart running clothes has sensors in the fabric that monitor your running form, speed, heart rate and pace in real time on your smartphone.

OMsignal just unveiled a new smart bra for its spring collection that measures biometrics like heart rate and delivers the data to your smartphone in real time.

If you're looking to ditch the deceiving numbers on the scale, the Skulpt Chisel is a small device that measures body fat and muscle quality so you can accurately keep track of your gains...

...or you can opt for a fitness tracker that does it all, like the GPS-enabled Fitbit Blaze, which tells time, keeps track of your steps, monitors heart rate and lets you control your phone’s music, calendar, texts and caller ID right from your wrist.

If you're having a hard time downing your glasses of water every day, the Moikit Seed water bottle will track your sips and remind you when it's time to drink up...

...or you can opt for the LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle, which dispenses and keeps track of your daily water and vitamins and is compatible with FuelPods that will help you hit your nutritional goals on the go.

If you're looking to score a six-pack, the Slendertone Connect Abs Unisex Toning Belt contains electrical muscle stimulation technology that will help you tone the muscles in your tummy.

You can also step up your fitness game with the new Altra IQ smart running shoes that track important metrics and give you feedback on your performance in real time.