The FDNY's Cats Are Are Giving Firefighters A Much More Adorable Look (Photos)

The long list of reasons I love New York just got another addition: firehouse cats.

Unlike other fire departments, which usually keep dogs -- traditionally, dalmatians -- as pets, the FDNY keeps kitties.

And when New York's finest aren't battling seven-alarm fires, they're updating Instagram with snaps of their furry friends.

In fact, the cats have amassed something of a cult following in the city, where crazy cat ladies (like myself) abound: The department's two cattiest accounts -- carlow_fdny_cat and midtownboogiefdny -- have over 11,000 and 6,000 followers each, respectively.

Check em' meow-t below.

This is Boogie.

This is Carlow.

They're both official FDNY Felines.

Firehouse cats, if you will.

They're pretty paw-some.

WAY cooler than boring firehouse dogs.

Boogie likes to be sneaky.

Carlow is more of an out-in-the-open type of guy.

But they're both fantastic drivers.


New York's finest.

Follow them right meow.

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