Not A Straw: Why A McDonald's McFlurry Spoon Is Square At The Bottom

In life, we're faced with some pretty tough questions. For example, what color is the dress?

Or, even more importantly, why the hell does McDonald's put holes in its McFlurry spoons if they're not damn straws?

Yep, if you've ever had a McFlurry, I can almost guarantee you've mistaken that square spoon for a straw and unsuccessfully tried to inhale your ice cream through the end of it.

Now, thanks to one wise Tumblr user who goes by the name The Waiting Platypus, we finally know why those spoons are hollow.

It's so simple. Seriously, why has it taken us so long to figure this out?!

If you've ever had a McFlurry from McDonald's, you probably noticed it comes with a pretty strange spoon.

@maccas what the meaning of the extras plastic on the mcflurry spoon — Ali Choueiki (@alichoueiki98) October 8, 2015

Is it a rectangular spoon?

What's up with the mcflurry spoon — bushra (@bushraa_kh) October 2, 2015

Is it a straw?

Anybody used to think the mcflurry spoon was a straw?? — Micah Dunhour (@Chaunce23) October 15, 2015

Like seriously, WTF is this thing?

After all these years I still don't understand why the McFlurry spoon is so weird @McDonalds — Sarah Rosenbaum (@notnecessarahly) September 21, 2015

Through trial and error, we've all figured out these things are, in fact, not straws.

am I the only one that thought the mcflurry spoon was a straw when you first got one — Taylor Middleton (@taymidd15) October 9, 2015

However, I think it's safe to say most of us don't want to believe this deceitful trick...

Sometimes I still think the McFlurry spoon is a straw, so nobody's perfect — Jordan™ (@_JD94_) October 8, 2015

And still try to suck on the ends of the spoons every time...

Yes , I know the mcflurry spoon is not a straw, and yes I'm going to see if it is one every time I get it — Kora (@Kooraaaaaaa) October 10, 2015

...hoping this will be the time some magical McDonald's powers finally make them work.

Anybody ever tried to drink a McFlurry thru the spoon that suspiciously looks like a straw? — joshua (@Joshuadeforrest) September 26, 2015

But they don't.

Why are McFlurry spoons like that???Wyd McFlurry spoon??? You ain't slick tryna be a straw. You a spoon. — Sydney Sherman (@SydKneeAnn) September 29, 2015

So that leaves us with one pretty important question.

Why isn't the McFlurry spoon a straw though — Audrey Everett (@audreverett) October 15, 2015

Why the hell does this weird spoon have a hole in the middle of it if it's not a straw?

Sooo what's the point of the hole in the spoon for Mcflurry's? — Timothy of 300 (@timothybased) October 1, 2015

Well, thanks to one evil genius, we now have an answer to this age-old McFlurry mystery.

why the mcflurry spoon look like that — Jacob | Obey Toxic (@Obey_Toxic) September 25, 2015

The Waiting Platypus explains, "We fill the cup with ice cream, we dump the Oreos on top, we stick the spoon in, we put the entire thing in a machine and use the spoon to stir your McFlurry."

Via The Waiting Platypus

So, there you have it: That darn spoon is for mixing.

Oh yeah in case u didnt know, the "straw" looking part of the mcflurry spoon is to attach to a mixer to blend it — BAEth (@bthrngl) September 27, 2015

If you still don't believe it, you can see it for yourself.

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