Gorgeous Photo Series Shows How Expecting Couples Sleep Together

Jana Romanova

It's no secret having a baby is a real life-changing experience.

But, you may not realize babies begin to influence their parents' lives way before they ever leave the womb.

Recently, Jana Romanova set out to capture a variety of stunning photos featuring pregnant women and their partners sleeping in bed together during this exciting time.

The intimate series, "Waiting," shows the couples from a bird's-eye view and, as the title suggests, highlights the transition period these expecting parents go through in the time leading up to the big day.

Now that the project is done, Romanova plans to turn her visual series into a hardcover book showcasing her photography experiences along with all of these incredible pregnancy pictures.

Take a look at Romanova's amazing photo series below.

Jana Romanova doesn't take your ordinary pregnancy photos.

Rather than having couples pose in front of a camera, she captures them side by side as they sleep.

"Waiting" takes an intimate look into the lives of expecting parents...

...while they anxiously prepare to meet their newborn babies.

She came up with the idea for this beautiful series after snapping a picture of expecting friends sleeping six years ago.

Since then, she photographed 40 Russian couples.

The number of couples represents the gestation period.

One of Romanova's biggest challenges was maintaining her camera position to get the perfect shot.

For each image, she had to stand on a ladder while suspending her heavy camera above the sleeping couple for quite some time.

But, her spectacular shots prove all her hard work paid off.

According to Romanova, "'Waiting" investigates not only their attitude to each other during the period of expecting a baby, but also the way young families live in big cities of modern Russia."

By photographing couples while they sleep, Romanova created a variety of pictures highlighting the natural beauty of a couple's journey to parenthood.

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