These Everything Bagel-Flavored Doughnuts Are The Ultimate Breakfast Food

Sometimes, we're all forced to make some pretty hard decisions in life.

You know, decisions like whether or not you should take that job offer, which presidential candidate you should vote for and, most importantly, whether you should start your morning off by demolishing a delicious doughnut or opting for a hot, butter-dripping bagel.

If you ask me, I've always thought of doughnuts as bougie bagels that aren't afraid to flaunt a little frosting.

So, it only makes sense someone would finally solve your morning snack struggles by combining your two favorite round foods into one seriously epic treat.

Behold: the new Everything Doughnut.

Created by the masterminds at The Doughnut Project in New York City, this bagel-doughnut love child is exactly what it sounds like.

The hybrid treat has the perfect mix of sweet and savory flavors, and I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to have a bad day if you start your morning off with one of these bad boys.

Check out the pictures below for a closer look at these delectable doughnuts.

Your days of choosing between doughnuts and bagels may soon be a thing of the past...

Because The Doughnut Project in NYC just did the unthinkable...

...and combined two beloved breakfast foods into the most glorious frankenfood creation on the face of the planet.

Meet the Everything Doughnut.

That's right. Doughnuts that taste like everything bagels actually exist, and they look downright heavenly.

This genius snack combines the best of both worlds by smothering a doughnut in sweet cream-cheese icing...

...and topping it with all the savory ingredients you would expect to find on an everything bagel like sesame seeds, poppy seeds, roasted garlic and salt.

Seriously, how had no one thought of this before?

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