This New Equinox Class Looks Like Something Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie


Equinox, the high-priced luxury gym for people who don't fuck around, recently revealed a new class called "Headstrong" that aims to strengthen your body and mind. And, truth be told, I got confused thinking it was a trailer for "Prometheus 2" because it looks like it came straight from the future.

Designed by Equinox trainers Michael Gervais and Kai Karlstrom, the class challenges gym goers to activate all of their senses for a literal full-body workout. As Gervais explains,

We wanted to create a class that is a full sensory immersion. We have lighting that changes hue to reflect the current stage of the class. We integrate scent according to the class section as well -- a more stimulating aroma during the active parts, and a calming aroma for the regeneration piece.

Also, there are Eucalyptus towels, so you could sign up for that reason alone. Dominique Astorino from Pop Sugar tried the class and says,

This class is unlike anything you've ever taken at a gym or studio. It's a bit of cardio, strength training, and regeneration, but more than anything, it's a mental exercise. The post-class feeling is the best of both worlds; renewed, centered, and calm like you just left yoga, but energized and alert with an endorphin rush from a great sweat sesh.

She went on to comment on the futuristic aspects of the class, writing,

HeadStrong is set to some seriously bizarre songs, the kind of playlist you'd hear on a SciFi movie soundtrack or video game. I'm not kidding... some of the songs were from "The Matrix," others from Cirque du Soleil.

To get a sense of how insane this new class is, check out the video posted above. It's a trip.

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