This Epic Knife Can Toast And Slice Bread At The Exact Same Time (Video)

These days, time is hard to come by -- even when it comes to dedicating just 10 minutes to making breakfast.

That's why we're happy to know some genius figured out how to slice bread and toast it at the same exact time!

That genius is YouTube personality Colin Furze; he's known for crafting wacky inventions for fun.

From building turbojet engines from scratch to modifying a mobility scooter to hit 70 mph, Furze has done it all. His latest invention is sure to make breakfast a breeze from here on out.

Using an old microwave transformer, cables, piping and a blade, Furze was able to put together the best thing since sliced bread. Get it?

Despite the fact that the bread is more burnt than toasted, it was still a success.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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