Elite Interviews Club Owner Barry Mullineaux


The nightclub industry is one of the most competitive industries out there, especially in New York City. With nightclubs struggling to survive, many club owners have been forced to enter and leave the industry before having the chance to make an impact.

EliteDaily briefly sat down with Chelsea nightclub owner Barry Mullineaux, one of the few owners who has managed to make an impact.

After starting off in Miami, Barry moved to New York, where he has managed to find great success. He discusses the various clubs and restaurants he has owned in the past as well as his current nightclubs: Greenhouse and W.i.P.

How did you get started with the club business ?

How hard is it to be a successful club owner in New York City?

How have you managed to survive this long in the business ?

A lot of hip hop stars, athletes and all kinds of celebrities host and attend parties at WIP and Greenhouse .. is it all down to your current network or a strong promotional team ?

You've had major, major people walk in to your clubs, who was the one celebrity that came in that made you say "Wow... I can't believe he/she is here at my club".. If that's ever happened to you ?

Opening WIP around the corner from Greenhouse was a great idea.. Two clubs on the same block, two revenue streams.. How did the W.i.P project come about ? What are some of the challenges you've faced?

Last summer as we all know, high profile hip hop artists Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill got into a huge fight at W.i.P, which led to greenhouse/W.i.P closing for quite sometime...what's your take on that situation ?

Stereo, Greenhouse, W.i.P, Via dei Mille; In terms of atmosphere, location, clientele...what club have you enjoyed owning the most ?

What future projects do you have? Any plans to renovate Greenhouse further ?

EliteDaily thanks you for your time, we respect your track record as a successful club owner and wish you continued success, Mr. Barry Mullineaux..

Nii Addo Quaye | Elite.