This Self-Driving Drone Is The Future Of Your Commute


For years I've been wondering when we'd finally start to see methods of transportation that are actually futuristic.

Fast forward and all we got were these iPhones (thanks, Steve) and an Uber account. So futuristic! Not... Luckily, there are a few human beings out there still looking to make The Jetsons real-life once and for all!

According to Mashable, there's a 500-pound aerial drone, called the Ehang 184, that provides one seat and enough room for one full-size human. The drone was revealed at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anyone inside the Ehang drone would be considered a passenger. All you do is hop into the drone, secure yourself, enter your desired destination and the flying robot machine will navigate you there.

The official website reads,

Ehang 184 is the safest, smartest and eco-friendly low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle, aiming to provide medium-short distance communication and transportation solutions.

For now, China-based company Ehang Inc. will attempt to develop flight test criteria that meets the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) guidelines here in the United States.

As for the drone's initial use, there are two organ delivery companies slated to utilize the technology once approved for flying within the United States. The use of this aircraft would help transport organs to those in need, lowering the amount of deaths caused by the inability to receive organs necessary for transplants in a timely manner.

The Ehang 184 has the ability to reach a top ground speed of 65 mph and is capable of transporting a single passenger within a 10-mile radius. An autonomous drone with room for one and a decent reach?! Sign me up.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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