Guy Drives His Race Car Up And Down Insanely Steep Ski Slope (Video)

There are lots of things you might expect to see on the slopes -- from shredding some powder on skis to taking on the terrain park with a snowboard,

However, seeing a race car tear down the mountain probably isn't one of them.

Unless, of course, you happen to be hanging out with Formula One race car driver Max Verstappen.

Recently, Verstappen decided to have a little fun with the winter weather in Kitzbühel, Austria by hitting the slopes in his F1 Red Bull team race car.

In the mind-blowing video posted on Verstappen's YouTube channel, you can see this 18-year-old daredevil speed down the mountain, drive back up to the top and then race down the slopes one more time.

Apparently, the car was air lifted onto the mountain and equipped with studded tires and snow chains, but it's still pretty insane Verstappen managed to pull off this stunt without flying right off the face of the insanely steep mountain.

Check out the video to see Verstappen's jaw-dropping winter joy ride.

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