You Can Now Drink The World's First Beer Brewed Using Artificial Intelligence


Technology continuously makes our lives better in all sorts of ways.

Thanks to the development of things like artificial intelligence, futuristic devices that once only existed in sci-fi movies are now used for a wide range of applications in the real world. Yep, nowadays AI is used for everything from diagnosing diseases and building robotic prosthetic limbs to making our everyday lives easier with a plethora of pocket-sized smart devices.

But did you know that artificial intelligence can also enhance your beer drinking experience? That's right, the tech-savvy company IntelligentX just created the world's first beer that uses artificial intelligence in the brewing process.

Thanks to this innovate technology, IntelligentX has managed to make four different types of beer (golden, amber, pale and black) with recipes that correspond to customer feedback acquired by an algorithm.

Now, if you're wondering how the heck this whole thing works, let me fill you in. Apparently, the system uses a Facebook Messenger bot, which collects customer feedback and passes the data along to human brewers who can tweak the recipes according to information provided.

The beer bottles contain a special code that people can use to connect with the bot, which then asks people to answer a bunch of beer-related questions. Once the answers are obtained, the data is interpreted by an algorithm that learns from the feedback provided by customers.

If that's not cool enough, this smart software can even be used analyze data obtained over time and spot emerging trends amidst their consumers.

According to IntelligentX's co-founder, Hew Leith, "The AI is about putting all the customers in the same room as the brewer," and the company hopes this new boozy application for technology will help the them test customer feedback faster than ever.

If you're looking to get your hands on some of these smart sips, you can find these bad boys at WeWork and a variety of tech startup events in East London, plus you can order them online from Ubrew.

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