These Memes With Hot Dudes And Dogs Are All You Need This Weekend

Father's Day is right around the corner, so you know what that means.

It time to show your old man some love and thank him for all the things he's done for you.

Because let's be real, there's no other man in the world who would put up with all of your antics and still somehow manage to love you just the same.

Whether it was checking your closets for monsters every night, attending all of your princess tea parties, coaching your sports teams or threatening basically every boy who ever picked you up for a date, your dad was always there for you and taught you some valuable life lessons along the way.

If you thought Father's Day was a holiday solely dedicated to human dads, though, think again.

There are also a lot of proud puppy papas out there who deserve a round of a-paws for being dedicated parents to their canine pride and joy.

Recently, the popular Instagram accounts Hot Dudes With Dogs and Barkpost teamed up celebrate all the dog DILFs of the world by creating a series of hilarious memes that feature fine fellas and their fur babies.

Not to mention, some funny AF captions that poke fun at a typical day in the life of a dog dad.

Yep, these "Dog Dad Bios" perfectly capture the different types of fido father stereotypes you might find on your Instagram feeds, and all of these dog dad descriptions are pretty much guaranteed to make you die of laughter.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these hilarious Dog Dad Biographies.

 Gotta keep that doodle do looking fresh.

Time to do some father-fido bonding and ball out at the canine club.

 Sorry, I have a new four-legged lady in my life now.

 No really, my fur baby is a miniature Benjamin Button covered in hair.

Play fetch and chill?

Don't act like you've never thought about dressing your dog up like a goose.

Come on princess, make a big poopoo for papa.

 I mean, seriously, who wouldn't choose this gorgeous gal?

I just couldn't bear to interrupt my lil' mutt muffin's dreams.

Don't give me those puppy eyes, you know that daddy will be right back.