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Here Are 6 Ways Disneyland Is Actually Way More Enjoyable As An Adult

Disneyland certainly is a magical place for all ages.

The rides, the insane snacks and Cinderella sightings are enough to make people of any age go nuts. But sorry, kids; Disneyland is way cooler for adults and I have proof.

On a recent trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, I came to the realization that at 31 years old, I was experiencing all Disney had to offer for the very first time. Here are all the epic things only adults can experience in the home of Mickey.

You can eat all the crazy sh*t you want.

Want a funnel cake for dinner? You got it. How about a turkey leg the size of your face? Sure. Both? Why not, you're a goddamn grownup after all.

But, if you're looking to stay on your adult, healthy diet (buzzkill), there are still plenty of healthy options.

You really appreciate the little things about Disney.

Disney employs more than a few people whose only job is to make sure everything looks incredibly accurate.

Take, for example, the lobby of Tower of Terror:

Tower of Terror

Look at it for a while. Give it a good amount of attention and you'll see these people didn't let a single nook or cranny go to waste.

The paper on the couch, the weathered carpet just so and a cracked wall above the mantel, as if to give the illusion that the whole place could crumble at a moment's notice. This is detail. Appreciate it.

Oh yeah, you can drink booze too.

Grab a beer, a cocktail with drink-specific ice to match, or something called the Zombie. But be warned: You can only drink inside California Adventure, not Disneyland proper.

You can really appreciate the weirdness of it all.

Look, I won't front; I think Disneyland after dark would make the perfect place for a horror movie. It's dimly lit; it's weird, and all the rides make you feel like an ax murderer may jump out at any minute.

WTF is about to happen to me?

But it kind of also makes it way more fun. At the very least, it makes the spooky rides even spookier.

You can ride the same ride all you want.

I'm a grown-ass adult and I choose to ride Space Mountain over and over and over again because that is the best ride in any Disney theme park. Hands. Down.

You can leave whenever you want.

You can stay until midnight or peace out after one ride. Who cares.

But I do recommend staying until at least the nightly fireworks to get your daily dose of magic in.

You can give in to, or completely ignore, the consumerism of Disney.

Thankfully, you're an adult with choices.

Finally, you can wholeheartedly, unabashedly love Disney and totally not give a single f*ck what people think.

You do you, baby boo. Just make sure to spread that Disney love and magic 365 days a year.