Disney Princesses Were Reimagined In Britney Spears' Most Iconic Looks (Photos)

By now you've probably seen all your favorite Disney princesses transform into everything imaginable.

Not too long ago, I showed you what these characters would look like if they traded in their gorgeous gowns for some pantsuits and joined the campaign trail as Hillary Clinton.

If you thought that was pretty cool, you might want to brace yourself.

Someone just did the unthinkable by combining the two greatest things of all time: Disney princesses and Britney Spears.

I know, this is pretty f*cking exciting, so you might want to take a moment to compose yourself.

In honor of Britney's upcoming birthday, talented artist Isaiah K. Stephens set out to create a series of illustrations turning all the lovely ladies of Disney into all of Brit's most iconic moments.

As a 90s baby who was utterly obsessed with both Disney and Britney, I can tell you first hand these drawings are definitely a dream come true.

But I mean, hey, I guess it only makes sense to give these fairytale femmes a Britney-inspired makeover because, let's face it, Britney is the princess of pop.

Take a look at the pictures below to see a bunch of badass Britney-princess mashups.

You better work like Mulan, bitch.

Oops! Ariel did it again.

Anna and Elsa take these "Toxic" looks to the next level.

Brit and Madonna have nothing on Aurora and Maleficent's kiss.

Jasmine is the princess of MTV Video Music Award performances.

Snow White, Rapunzel and Belle are the ultimate fairytale #SquadGoals in "Crossroads."

Tiana and Naveen completely crush the Britney-Justin Canadian tuxedo look.

Cinderella looks like a total babe in the outfit from "...Baby One More Time."

Pocahontas sings with all the voices of the mountain and slays the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

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