Daredevils Uses Pogo Sticks To Pull Off Crazy And Dangerous Stunts (Video)

When it comes to pulling off some insane stunts, all you need is a little strength and determination.

A while back, People Are Awesome released a video showing some of the unbelievable tricks people pulled off during 2014, including everything from gravity-defying acrobatics to heart-racing extreme sports.

If you thought that video was amazing, you'll be glad to know the People Are Awesome production team has once again set out to celebrate the remarkable physical abilities of everyday people in a new video.

This time, they've narrowed their focus down to one sport and put together an insane compilation that highlights some of the most impressive Xpogo tricks known to mankind, and it's absolutely incredible.

The exciting video captures these daredevil tricksters conquering all ends of the extreme pogo stick spectrum, whether they're flipping off buildings or getting massive air as they bounce to unbelievably jaw-dropping heights.

These guys take your childhood days of bouncing up and down the driveway to a whole new level and prove that you can do some pretty extraordinary things with a simple pogo stick and little practice.

Check out the video to see some of these insane Xpogo tricks.

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