Daredevil Epically Soars Over Snow-Covered Ground Using A Paramotor (Video)

Floating through the air on a parachute is pretty fun on its own.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if you kicked your 'chute up a notch with a little more power?

Well, the answer is quite simple: You get an epic paramotor that lets you conquer the skies like a high-flying boss.

One daredevil named Tucker Gott recently grabbed his gear, strapped on a camera and set off to capture an incredible paramotor adventure through the crisp winter air.

It's not hard to see this soaring sport looks insanely fun, and Gott's soundtrack choice really makes him seem like a damn G as he effortlessly glides above the ground.

Check out the video for a closer look at this incredible paramotor video.