Dad Uses Photoshop To Make His Son With Down Syndrome Magically Fly (Photos)

Living with a serious disability can be pretty difficult.

But, many people out there never let the daily challenges of their handicaps hold them back from accomplishing incredible things.

William Lawrence just so happens to be one of those amazing people.

While this adorable 1-year-old was born with Down syndrome, he never lets his condition get in his way of having a happy childhood.

If that doesn't make him a superhero in your book, you'll be glad to know William also has another special talent. Thanks to his dad's photography skills and the powers of Photoshop, he's actually a flying baby.

According to his father, Alan,

These photos of Wil flying have taken on a special meaning for me as I think about the unique challenges Wil is going to face growing up. I hope to teach him that even with his disabilities he can do anything he puts his mind to.

Watch out, Superman, this kid is coming for you.

Wil Lawrence isn't your average 1-year-old from Utah.

He was born with Down syndrome, but he doesn't let that get in his way of being a flying baby.

With some imagination and a little Photoshop...

...his dad, Alan, created an awesome visual series of his superhero son.

He creates these clever images by holding Wil up and editing himself out of the pictures.

So, all that's left is a photo of Wil dominating the skies like a baby boss.

These hilarious photos highlight the daily life of this cute kid...

As he helps his mom out with a little grocery shopping...

Plays outside in the snow with his siblings...

...or conquers the keys like a mini Mozart.

Out of the way, slowpoke! Flying baby coming through!

Wil's sky-high adventures are seriously inspiring.

And these awesome photos prove this courageous kid doesn't let Down syndrome...

...get in the way of living out his dreams.

Alan is also working on another project called “Bringing The Light."

With it, he hopes to inspire and support other families facing the daily challenges of Down syndrome.

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