Dad Illustrates The Funniest And Weirdest Things His Daughter Says (Photos)

As kids, we've all said some pretty crazy things to our parents.

One toddler who certainly knows the truth behind this is three-year-old Harper Grace and her father, Martin Bruckner.

The funny things that Harper says to her dad certainly don't go unnoticed, since Bruckner found a way to creatively turn his daughter's comical comments into a visual series on Tumblr called Spaghetti Toes.

If you're wondering how the strange name of this series came about, it's really quite simple.

One day, Bruckner overheard his wife telling Harper not to put spaghetti between her toes. This got him thinking about all of the absurd things Harper says on a daily basis, and ultimately, inspired him to create an illustration series to capture the hilarious, and at times, downright bizarre things that are said by or to his adorable little Harper.

From boogers to bad guys, you never know what will come out of Harpers mouth next, but one thing is for sure: her dad is always carefully listening so he can transform her ridiculous statements into comical works of art.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Bruckner's hilarious illustrations.

This is 3-year-old Harper Grace.

Harper loves lipstick and villains just as much as the average toddler. But she can definitely do without clowns and Darth Vader. Harper is a smart kid. She knows that Elsa is a marketing guru when it comes selling southern dishes. But sometimes, you just have to give her another minute to cook up her next hilarious comment. Harper surely knows the struggles that all action figures face on a daily basis. And, she's mastered expressing her emotions when she feels down. Her description of an upset stomach is pretty spot-on. And, even at her young age, she knows that bacon is awesome. Not to mention, she's well aware that cheese fixes everything. And, that Mom has been holding out on her with the PSLs. Harper also has the most endearing way to show her Dad some love.  While Harper sometimes mixes up her injuries, ...her manners are on point and she knows it's never nice to yell at anyone, especially not the hot dogs.

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