Dad Makes Female Superhero Toy For Daughter Since Stores Don't Have Any (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

If you've ever tried looking for Marvel toys geared toward girls, you know they're hard to find.

Fortunately, there are ways to use your DIY skills to make your kids happy.

That's exactly what New Jersey-based father Brendan Lee did for his 5-year-old daughter, Sophia. After she saw Marvel's "Big Hero 6," she became obsessed with the character Honey Lemon.

We've all been toy-obsessed kids at one point in our lives. When you watch a movie, you immediately want to drag your parents to Toys "R" Us -- it's natural!

Unfortunately, Marvel does not have Honey Lemon toys available, and little Sophia was left without an action figure or a prop replica from the film.

Since Sophia couldn't have her way, her awesome dad went above and beyond to make her happy by crafting Honey Lemon's signature Chem-ball purse from scratch.

Check out the photos below for a closer look at his process!

A little girl named Sophia is obsessed with Honey Lemon from "Big Hero 6."

Unfortunately, Marvel hasn't done a good job creating female hero merchandise for fans.

This inspired Sophia's father to make a homemade version of Honey Lemon's Chem-ball purse.

After watching a bunch of YouTube videos, he got to work using various materials from nearby hardware stores.

According to BuzzFeed, the most difficult part for Brendan was making the design identical to the actual purse.

He used a lot of foam and wires for the inside of the purse.

His goal was to get it to light up... and he did!

The front of the purse revealed an awesome periodic table identical to the one on Honey Lemon's bag!

After getting the main design down, he started working on the other components.

As you can see, it began to come together!

A couple of exterior modifications later, and the bag was complete.

It was just missing the Chem-balls.

Boom! Here's the finished product.

Lee can officially call himself one of the most awesome dads ever.

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