Couple Captures An Insane Tornado In The Background Of Their Prom Photo


We've all seen some pretty amazing photobombs.

From furry little creatures that happen to wander into the frame at the perfect moment to random strangers who simply want to add some pizazz to the background of your pic, there are all sorts of things that can turn a normal photograph into a truly memorable moment.

However, not many people can say they've been photobombed by a damn tornado.

On Saturday, Ali Marintzer, a freshman at Wray High School in Colorado, was posing in the yard for some pre-prom pictures with her boyfriend, Charlie Bator.

However, right as Ali's mom, Heidi, went to take the picture, a giant funnel cloud coming down from the stormy sky snagged a spot right in the middle of their picture!

That's right. These two were photobombed by a massive swirling vortex of wind.

I know, talk about one seriously dramatic prom picture.

It turns out the tornado was about 3-miles away from them and showed no signs of immediate danger.

So the high school couple continued their pre-prom photo shoot with this badass tornado looming in the background, and even took a moment to snap some epic tornado selfies on their phones.

Seriously, these prom pics are so outrageous, it's almost hard to believe they're real.

Over the weekend, Ali Marintzer and her boyfriend, Charlie Bator, were posing for some prom pictures when they were photobombed by a giant tornado!

Apparently, the tornado was pretty far away and didn't pose a threat. So, the two were able to capture some awesome snapshots with this massive tornado swirling around in the background.

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