Cooking A Steak With Lava Is Genius And Really F*cking Delicious (Video)

How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?

While some of us were firing up grills and pounding beers until sunrise, there was probably some genius out there using lava to cook fresh steaks. That's exactly what took place in this awesome video we came across!

The fun went down at Syracuse University where Robert Wysocki is working on the Syracuse University Lava Project. Instead of using the lava for a regular class assignment, Wysocki had a few badasses come in and cook some steaks with it.

The results? Mouthwatering. I mean, what's better than a freshly cooked steak with a browned exterior and a rare middle?

Absolutely nothing.

Not to mention, it's being cooked with an actual river of scorching hot lava.

Check out the video above for a closer look. Oh, and if you have lava at home, don't try this in your kitchen.

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