The Most Expensive Chocolate Bunny Costs $49K And Is 584,000 Calories (Photos)

Everyone knows the Easter Bunny is no stranger to flashing a few carrots.

But this year, your favorite mythical bunny is trading in those pathetic orange sticks for some real carats.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, famous chocolatier Martin Chiffers set out to give those boring chocolate bunnies a lavish makeover by creating the most expensive Easter Bunny the world has ever seen.

This extravagant Easter treat rings in at a whopping $49,000. And just as you would hope, it comes decked out with a pair of sparkly diamond eyes.

However, you probably don't want to eat those.

In fact, if you're on a diet this spring, you probably want to avoid this insane rabbit completely. It doesn't skimp in the calorie department and it'll cost you about 584,000 calories and possibly a pant size or two.

It took Chiffers two days to carve this 11-pound ballin' bunny, and the whole thing is sculpted out of fine Tanzanian chocolate.

The bunny's eyeball bling is worth about $37,400 alone and consists of two 1.70-carat diamonds from the jewelry store 77 Diamonds.

If that's not impressive enough, this bunny also comes with three golden eggs covered in gold leaf. Because let's face it, this bunny only has eyes for opulence and his Easter eggs are no exception.

Say "hello" to the world's most opulent Easter Bunny.

This confection swaps out those normal eyeballs for a pair of sparkly diamond peepers.

One of these will also cost you a lot in the calorie department, since eating the whole thing will set you back about 584,000.

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