Genius Chef Makes Junk Food Look Like Expensive Five-Star Meals (Photos)

When you think of fine dining, Ring Dings and Cheetos aren't usually the first ingredients that come to mind.

Unless, of course, you are Chef Jacques Lamerde.

This comical chef recently whipped up an Instagram account poking fun at New Nordic plating techniques by featuring a variety of small food portions and showing off some insane plating skills.

However, this chef isn't your average five-star chef who likes to skimp on meal size.

This culinary mastermind also likes to cut down on cooking costs by transforming cheap, processed food into high-class cuisine that looks almost too pretty to eat... or afford, for that matter.

The crappy ingredients include all of the essential unhealthy foods you would find at a convenience store: candy, Pop-Tarts, Hot Pockets, pork rinds and beef jerky.

Chef Jacques Lamerde's hilarious uploads look surprisingly delicious, and all of these foodie photos prove the secret to making a meal look expensive is the presentation.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the chef's five-star convenience store food creations.

S'more Peep dessert:

Jimmy Dean sausage with canned veggies, French's mustard, Fritos and pistachio soil:

Imitation crabmeat with Vienna sausage and creamed corn:

Beef and bean burrito with beef jerky:

Fish filet with french fry purée:

Jalapeño poppers on a bed of Gerber baby food:

Munchkins with birthday cake Oreo soil, Snickers, Shamrock Shake and Moosetracks quenelle:

Corn dog with marble cheese slices, honey ham rosettes and SpongeBob Squarepants noodles:

Hawaiian Bagel Bites with Cheetos, baby carrots and ranch purée:

Hostess cupcake with rainbow Dunkaroos, yogurt raisins, Nibz and Starbucks Mocha Frap caviar.

Lunchables kielbasa with pickle spheres and pork rinds:

Kinder eggs filled with raw cake batter and charred Rice Krispies:

Raspberry Pop-Tart parfait with vanilla Snack Pack and grape crush-scented gel and candy:

Spam torchon with fuzzy peaches and cheese balls:

Hot Pocket with ranch spheres and purée of "zoodles":

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