This Chef's Insane Deep-Fried Creations Look Too Delicious To Be True (Photos)

If you're looking for new food concoctions to put together at home, look no further than the Internet.

Whether you're scrolling through your Instagram feed or your Twitter timeline, you can always expect a food post or two to pique your interest. If not, just search #FoodPorn and watch the magic unfold before your eyes.

The most recent food-porn blessings we've been so lucky to come across are burger fries.

It all started when Chef Tym Bussanich chopped up bits of a McDonald's cheeseburger and then rolled and breaded the pieces to resemble fries. At that moment, the Mc Fry was born.

This cheesy, mouthwatering creation is exactly what you would expect from anything involving irresistible cheeseburgers from McDonald's, breadcrumbs and a deep fryer!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Behold, a piece of a Mc Fry, which entails taking a McDonald's cheeseburger, slicing it up into french fry-shaped pieces and then breading and deep frying it.

This mouthwatering creation is the brainchild of Chef Tym Bussanich, who even demonstrated how to make a batch of Mc Fries in a video.

The Mc Fry isn't the only thing Chef Bussanich contributed to the world of food porn, either. Check out this cheddar cheese-stuffed chicken tot.

Other creations include his bacon-wrapped Big Mac...

This tater tot stuffed with deliciousness from Burger King...

This deep-fried taco popper stuffed with a Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell...

These fully-loaded chicken pizza fries...

...and this insane steak-and-egg breakfast sandwich.

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