Hilarious 'Celebrities In Ramen' Instagram Is Something You Need To See (Photos)

If you happen to have a thing for both food and famous people, you might want to pay attention.

Remember when we showed you that awesome Instagram account pairing hot dudes with food?

Apparently "Hot Dudes And Food" isn't the only eye-candy Instagram out there that likes to mix good-looking people with all sorts of glorious eats.

Yep, we recently came across a new account called "Celebrities In Ramen," and it's actually pretty hilarious.

This parody food-porn account is just what it sounds like. It features a comical collection of Tinseltown's most tantalizing celebs just hanging out in bowls filled with every college student's favorite snack.

Because let's face it, ramen is so damn good, I think we all just wanted to bathe in it at some point.

If seeing all your favorite celebs Photoshopped into noodle soup isn't funny enough, you'll be glad to know each photo also comes with a pretty solid caption guaranteed to make you laugh -- or at least crave a cup of noodles.

Take a look at the pictures below to see all oodles of your celebs in ramen noodles.

Behold, Celebrities in Ramen.

This hilarious account takes snapshots of all sorts of superstars...

...and Photoshops them into bowls of delicious ramen.

Because why the hell not?

This foodie account features everything from Ramen Elektra...

And a soupy Champagne Papi...

To Frank Underwood in a House of Noodles...

And Queen Bey on her tasty surfboard.

Harry Styles looks even steamier in a bowl of ramen.

Forget the cars. You get a ramen, and you get a ramen! Everyone gets a bowl of ramen!

Who needs an Oscar when you have ramen noodles?

I'll take my soup shaken, not stirred.

J Law's secret weapon to winning the Hunger Games is ramen, of course.

Bill Murray knows nothing beats diving into a big-ass bowl of soup. Literally.

Ramen is clearly all the rage this season.